mail marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. While it has gotten harder to get into your customer’s inbox, the rewards can be even greater. You need to keep growing your marketing list by adding new customers and prospects. You also need to communicate frequently with your customers to keep top-of-mind.

To get the most success with your email marketing campaigns, you need to get your message to the right person at the right time – with information about the right product or service.

Many of our clients send out monthly newsletters to their customers as a state-of-the-union newsletter with 4 to 5 stories. This is a great way to start – but not as targeted as it might be. Your customers and prospects are not all in the same stage of the buying, support, or upgrade cycle.

A general newsletter is a great starting point for communications with your customers, but a subsequent more nuanced approach will yield greater results.


Some Do’s

    • Add a newsletter opt-in to your website.
    • Send out your first mailing as soon as you can.
    • Send out useful information.

Some Don’ts

    • Don’t SPAM people that don’t know you or want your service.
    • Don’t wait for months between mailings. Send to your customers on a regular basis.
    • Don’t always be selling- people will tune that out. Be helpful.
    • Don’t ever buy or rent a list.



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