e can help you with all of your pay per click campaign needs with Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Pay per click should be a part of every client’s overall marketing plan. Organic results are getting pushed farther down the search engine results page. On most search terms there will be four paid listings at the top of every search page and two at the bottom.

PPC campaigns are much faster to implement than organic strategies. They also give you greater control over who sees your ads. The downside is, without proper management, you can waste hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. At iteams we treat your marketing dollars as if they were ours. We are very conservative to start with and get more aggressive as we gain success.

Many of our clients have local businesses and are not looking for leads and sales all over the country. In this case, we would limit the campaigns to run in their local markets only. There are a lot of moving parts in creating a successful pay per click campaign.

Here are some things to think about

    • Do you want your ad to show locally, regionally or nationally?
    • How much do you want to spend daily/monthly?
    • Have you thought about your ad copy?
    • Are you sending people to a regular web page or a specially designed landing page?
    • Have you spent some time developing your keyword list?
    • Have you thought about negative keywords?
    • What type of keyword match were you planning on using? Broad match, modified broad, phrase match, exact match, etc.

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